About Us

Our History

The Squire Family Foundation was established in 2007 by Gary Squire, a Washington DC attorney and businessman. Gary created the Foundation, in part, as a tribute to his undergraduate and graduate school philosophy professors who introduced him to a discipline he’d never encountered until college, and who helped him appreciate how a philosophical perspective could enhance his life, both personally and professionally.

Who We Are

  • Gary Squire
    Founder and Principal Officer
  • Roberta Israeloff

Our Mission

The goal of the Foundation is to inculcate philosophic habits of mind in all students, whether they become philosophers or choose other professions: to nurture systematic reflection and critical thinking; to encourage them to question assumptions and sharpen their ability to detect logical fallacies; and to foster an appreciation for complexity and diversity of opinion.

SFF helped create two national organizations: PLATO, the Philosophy Learning And Teaching Organization, and the National High School Ethics Bowl.