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Squire Family Foundation helped create and works closely with many professional and academic organizations, and university-based philosophy and ethics centers.

SFF-co-founded Organizations


The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO), a national organization, brings together philosophers and educators dedicated to introducing K-12 students to philosophy. Its resource-rich website details its activities:

  • Biennial conferences
  • Two journals – Questions, featuring student writing; and Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice
  • Toolkit- Lesson plans for teachers
  • Summer seminars for teachers
  • PLATO Philosophy Fund, supporting innovative programs to bring philosophy to communities and the public square
  • PLATO PARTNERS – Affiliated organizations sharing PLATO’s mission

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National High School Ethics Bowl

Ethics Bowl is a competitive yet collaborative event, similar to debate though more nuanced: teams of students analyze and discuss timely and timeless ethical dilemmas and are evaluated on the quality and depth of their reasoning, their ability to consider divergent points of view, and their commitment to civil discourse. The high school ethics bowl program was derived from the Intercollegiate Ethics bowl.

The National HS Ethics Bowl is administered through the University of North Carolina’s Parr Center for Ethics (Chapel Hill). In, 36 regions across the country participated in the high school ethics bowl, involving nearly 5000 schools. A middle school ethics bowl was created in 2019.

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Professional and Academic Organizations

American Philosophical Association

The American Philosophical Association (APA) is a service organization for philosophers; its Committee on Precollege Instruction in Philosophy “oversees activities of the Association related to the teaching of philosophy at the pre-college level and initiates efforts to encourage and improve teaching at this level. It…facilitates cooperation between philosophers, teachers, and educational administrators in planning and evaluating instructional programs and requirements for the training and certification of teachers in areas relating to philosophy. The Committee also collects and disseminates information on existing programs and instructional materials.

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The American Association of Philosophy Teachers

AAPT is dedicated to the advancement of the art of teaching philosophy. To this end the organization sponsors, among other activities, a Biennial Workshop / Conference on teaching philosophy, a Seminar and workshops on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy, and the Lenssen Prize for Scholarship on the teaching of Philosophy, and other programs. AAPT membership includes access to AAPT Studies in Pedagogy, Teaching Philosophy, and other publications.

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The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

APPE is a comprehensive, international organization advancing scholarship, education, and practice in practical and professional ethics. Through its individual, institutional, and organizational members, APPE supports and trains the next generation of faculty and professionals, works to improve ethical conduct in the workplace, and to advance public dialogue in ethics and values.

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Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

SEAC stimulates scholarship on ethics and the teaching of ethics in all academic disciplines and supports the exchange of research.

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North American Association for the Community of Inquiry

NAACI, focusing on Canada, Mexico, and the US, sponsors a biennial conference which draws participants who are interested in philosophy, children and creative pedagogy from all over the globe.

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Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children at Montclair State University

IAPC provides curriculum and teacher preparation materials focusing on philosophy for children and community of inquiry; offers professional development for teachers; and consults, partners and coordinates with organizations devoted to philosophy for children.

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Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Association

The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations is an umbrella organization supporting the interests of its nine affiliated Associations. Through professional development and advocacy initiatives, FAPSA seeks to enrich and expand philosophy education in primary and secondary schools in Australasia.

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Ethics Centers

For a complete list of ethics centers visit the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.